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Jim and Rachel (a father and daughter team) have been home inspectors for 11 ½ years. We started the business together as a fun way to use Jim’s background in construction and real estate knowledge. Rachel had no idea how much construction knowledge she had picked up from her Dad just by following him around over the years. Between the love of figuring out how things work, the love of making people’s lives better through education, and the love of working with people, they found the perfect career! Since they began their business in 2006, they’ve grown from just the two of them inspecting to having a team of five additional inspectors and office staff. Jim is now easing into retirement.  Rachel spends her time educating home buyers, sellers, and Realtors at seminars and continuing education classes – and sometimes even a little inspecting.

Jim grew up in Michigan, where he met his lovely wife, Heather, to whom he has been married for 48 years! Since he got out of the United States Army in 1992, he and Heather have lived in Maryland. They have two daughters, six grandsons, a dog, and a cat. In his spare time, Jim enjoys golfing, playing softball, gardening, taking the dog on long walks, and helping people in any ways he can. Though he speaks somewhat wistfully about retirement, he’s always drawn back to inspecting. The relationships he’s built with Buyers are very important to him and not something he’s quite ready to part with.

 Rachel learned about housing construction before and during the world travels afforded her by her Dad’s Army career. She has lived in Wisconsin, Indiana, Georgia, Germany, and Niagara Falls, New York. She has two sons – one working in environmental studies and the other a United States Marine, and two dogs. She loves traveling, visiting her sons wherever they are in the world, getting together with friends, running, and playing competitive pool.  She gets to share her passion for all things related to home ownership through teaching opportunities at local colleges and real estate academies. She finds it to be an amazing gift when she meets someone at a class who is renting a home  and having trouble imagining being a homeowner…and then (whether 6 months or five years later) they call her to say they need her home inspection services.

Rachel Oslund

Jim Williams

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